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We did it because

we had to.

Back in the ‘90s we worked in service roles at leading print companies. Our jobs involved coordinating activities with tools that essentially tied us to our desks. At the time relying on PC’s, email, and proprietary systems were in fact modern. But, we’re now more than twenty years into the Internet, a decade since the iPhone launch, and just about every industry has already been upended by a new model.

It’s unthinkable that an industry could largely operate as it did twenty years ago yet that’s where we are in print services, stuck in the ‘90s. And so, we asked a question that was long overdue: If you could start a new service what would you do? We knew the experience was frustrating for all participants, but we wanted to think about it from a customer-first perspective.

PrintElements has been focused on creating an experience that adapts to the way customers want to work.

Since then PrintElements has been focused on creating an experience that adapts to the way customers want to work.

Print projects have always been about people helping people, but now we’re organized and interacting in a shared system, simplify process activities with modern tools, and guide customers to better decisions.

The print industry has incredible production resources that we work with every day to ensure your unique needs are matched to the right supplier in the right location to meet your objectives. We created PrintElements because we had to. We knew there was a better way, and we keep asking – What would you do if you could start a new print service?

How we’re different

You get a modern business model.
PrintElements purposely designed its service as an information model to enable effective collaboration. As a trusted resource we work with customers in our shared platform, and connect to existing infrastructure that provides flexibility on where to print.

You get access and control.
Whether hands-on or hands-off, our customers stay in control of process. We give them real transparency and easy access to see and understand exactly what’s going on at any point of their experience.

And unfettered access to suppliers.
PrintElements partners with top rated suppliers in a truly collaborative way (with no fees). Customers get pre-certified suppliers best positioned for their projects. And a bid process that ensures competitive pricing.


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