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Scale up or down with structural flexibility to match all your print supply chain needs.

PrintElements’ solutions allow you to be nimble and crowdsource from an unbiased, transparent, and flexible network of providers.

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Mature Company Challenges We Help With

We help mature brands improve organizational performance in a non-core category with on-demand print and packaging specialists to ensure your project objectives are carried out in an efficient and compliant manner. Use the right resource to support your team when and where it’s needed to get results – on brand, on time, within budget.

Eliminating Bias to Make Smarter Decisions.

PrintElements collaborates with the marketing and procurement teams of mature brands to provide a completely transparent sourcing experience. Our CPX platform connects you to vetted global providers for every area of your print supply chain so your team can collectively decide on the best printer.

Traditional Managed Print is Rigid and Inflexible

Traditional procurement isn’t necessarily all about spending less. It’s about creating a better supply chain. Don’t get stuck in another long-term contract with “guaranteed savings” from your single-source provider. Thousands of high-quality print and packaging suppliers are now available nation-wide, and the best of them are already in our crowdsourced network.

Your Workforce Is Already Moving To More Efficient Models

Alternative workers – outsourcing, contractors, and freelancers – have become the norm yet most organizations assign the responsibility of managing print and packaging to an in-house resource that has other priorities. Why manage your print and packaging in-house when so much of your business is already outsourced. PrintElements gives you on-demand resources to support your team and the structural flexibility to adapt to the way you want to work.


What to expect from your PrintElements experience.

“Both packages arrived this morning, packaging and card look beautiful, thank you for making me look so good.”

kate spade

Stephanie Friese

Senior Print Producer
Kate Spade, New York